Congratulations Pitch, Hit & Run Winners!

We had a great showing at our Pitch Hit & Run event! Big Congratulations to our winners listed below! And for more information on advancing to the Sectionals, please read 2018 PHR Sectional – Saanichton, BC.

All Around Champion Jaxon Day
Pitch Champion Jaxon Day
Hit Champion Carson Carroll
Run Champion Carson Carroll
All Around Champion Arlo Reddy
Pitch Champion Arlo Reddy/Tristan Chalifoux
Hit Champion Arlo Reddy
Run Champion Kayden Militello/Dash Landree
AGE 11/12 NAME
All Around Champion Kyan Bach
Pitch Champion Kyan Bach
Hit Champion Kyan Bach
Run Champion Kyan Bach
AGE 13/14 NAME
All Around Champion Drew Abercrombie
Pitch Champion Drew Abercrombie
Hit Champion Aidan Leslie Marseille
Run Champion Aidan Leslie Marseille


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