11/12 Schedule & Standings

Link to official 2022 Little League World Series Softball site

Congratulations to Team Alberta who won the Canadians and are going on to the World Series


Hampton Little League212
Moose Jaw Little League123
On Field Little League034
St. Alberts Little League301


DateDayTimeLocationTeam 1Team 2Score
July 28Thu7 PMClub HouseManagersMeeting
July 29Fri9 AMCurt Waldner DiamondAlbertaBC3-1
July 29Fri11 AMCurt Waldner DiamondOpeningCeremonies
July 29Fri1 PMCurt Waldner DiamondSaskatchewanQuebec13-3
July 29Fri3:30 PMCurt Waldner DiamondAlbertaSaskatchewan3-1
July 29Fri6 PMCurt Waldner DiamondBCQuebec16-8
July 30Sat11 AMCurt Waldner DiamondBCSaskatchewan6-0
July 30Sat2 PMCurt Waldner DiamondAlbertaQuebec14-0
July 31Sun10 AMCurt Waldner DiamondAlbertaQuebec17-5
July 31Sun1 PMCurt Waldner DiamondHamptonSaskatchewan7-6
July 31Sun4 PMCurt Waldner DiamondAlbertaBC8-4
July 31Sun6 PMCurt Waldner DiamondClosingCeremonies