Board of Directors

Hampton 2019 Board of Directors  (*Mouse over name for email*)

President Michelle Peterson
Vice President Dana Carroll
Past President Hollis Hodson
Treasurer Melissa Kirk
Secretary Cathleen Kelly
Player Agent Barb Buchan
Head Coach Mike Peterson
Safety Officer Cheryl Sanders
Head Groundskeeper Curt Waldner
Selena Ordell or Stephanie Grey Communications & Information Directors
Tammy Buchan Grant Registrar
Alison Ranger Concession Director
Vacant (need a volunteer!) Concession Manager
Dana Carroll Fundraising & Sponsorship
Director of Baseball  Jason Nisula
Director of Softball  Carrie Dye
Director of Challengers  Kristen Kay
Major Baseball VACANT (need a volunteer!)
Minor Baseball VACANT (need a volunteer!)
Rookie Minors VACANT (need a volunteer!)
Mini Minors  Ashley Ohtsijah Hall
T Ball  Ashley Ohtsijah Hall
 Blastball  Ashley Ohtsijah Hall