Manager/Coach Info & Resources

Are you interested in coaching? Awesome!

  • To apply to coach or manage a team, please complete the online Coach Application.
  • To volunteer at Hampton as a Team Parent, Board Member, or other non-coaching role, please complete the online Volunteer Form.
  • Criminal Record Check (CRC) to apply online for your Criminal Record Check. Hampton’s code is JDEMN4XB7H

Our Managers and Coaches are a critical part to our program, we could not run this program without you! It is our hope to provide our coaches with as much support and access to resources as we can in order to help support and develop you as a coach in our program. We are grateful and appreciative of everyone willing to support youth sports and get involved.

major baseball 2 2021

Major Division player Curtis Dye giving his coach a high five at the end of an inning (photo credit: Sarah Patterson Photography)

What is the difference between a Manager and a Coach?

The Manager, sometimes called the Head Coach, is the leader of the team. The manager provides overall direction for the team, including the players and other coaches. Managers are more likely than coaches to fill out line-up cards, address parents’ concerns, serve as the first stopping point for any players who want to learn more or have an issue that needs to be discussed with an adult, interact with the league’s Board of Directors, take responsibility for paperwork, participate in division and league meetings, plan practices, and make strategy decisions. 

How are Managers and Coaches selected?

We have the highest number of teams at the blastball, t-ball and mini minor levels which means we need a LOT of coaches/managers in these divisions. We’ll find a team for pretty much everyone who is interested in a coach, manager or team lead role and who completes the required CRC.

At the Rookie Minor division and above, all applications are reviewed by a Selection Committee, with consideration given to each candidate’s coaching experience, coaching certifications, coaching style, commitment to Hampton and buy-in to the Hampton Philosophy. The Selection Committee makes recommendations on Manager appointments to the Hampton Board of Directors, who ultimately makes the final selections. Eligible coaches are connected with managers who then work together as a team to support successful player development.

When are Managers and Coaches selected?

Selections for the spring season typically occur in March once we know how many teams we will have in each Division and therefore how many managers and coaches will be needed.

Are there expectations for Managers?

At the Rookie Minor division and higher, Managers at Hampton have the following responsibilities:

  • Provide overall leadership for the division, in partnership with other Team Managers.
  • Support Hampton’s program philosophy.
    • This includes leading weekly division practices that provide development opportunities for all teams, promotes teamwork and support across all teams, and provides players with opportunities to work with all divisional coaches.
    • This includes a “fair play” coaching approach and equal opportunity for all players.
    • This includes providing opportunities for other coaches and potential coaches to be involved as this strengthens Hampton’s coaching team in future years.
  • Attends at least 90% of team practices and games.
  • Arrives early to games and practices and takes time at the end to ensure proper clean-up and lock-up has occurred.
  • Holds players and coaches accountable for good sportsmanship conduct.
  • Stays informed of updates to Hampton’s Communicable Disease Plan and leads the team in following all requirements to support the safety of all players, including social distancing, sanitizing, limitations on equipment sharing, attendance tracking and team travel limitations.
2021 Minor Tournament Team (photo credit: Sarah Patterson Photography)