Homeless Camp at Hampton

Please be aware that Hampton BOD has been advised that there is a homeless protest camp that has set up today at Hampton near the concession area.

Hampton has received the following information from Saanich Parks. Please note the BOD has communicated to Saanich Parks the expectation that Saanich will ensure the park is cleaned up after the camp moves.


Since the beginning of August, a community activist has been staging a series of rotating camps to draw attention to homelessness. These camps have occurred on public land throughout Victoria and Saanich. To date, there have been no serious issues.

Saanich Parks is working closely with the Community Engagement Division of the Saanich Police department and we recently discovered that this protest may move on Tuesday, October 3rd, possibly to Hampton Park.  It is our understanding that they intend to camp close to the Victoria Native Friendship Centre, away from the sport facilities (fields and ball diamonds).

Messages to Hampton Park users:

Based on past activities, Saanich Parks and Police expect that the group will:

·         stage a peaceful protest

·         refrain from criminal activities or unsafe behaviour

·         likely stay there for approximately 7 days

If you believe any situation is an emergency, dial 911 immediately.  To report safety concerns or criminal activity, contact the Saanich Police:

250-475-4321 (non-emergency line).

·         DO NOT approach anyone who is demonstrating unusual, aggressive or unpredictable behaviour

·         DO NOT touch any hazardous materials (needles, human feces, etc.)

Concerns regarding conditions in the park (debris, garbage etc.) please phone Saanich Parks: 250-475-5522

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation while Saanich uses a compassionate approach in respecting this group’s protest regarding a complex social issue that affects us all.

Please feel free to share these communications with your members so they are aware of the situation.

2 thoughts on “Homeless Camp at Hampton”

  1. I hope someone is taking photo documentation in case of damage to either the clubhouse or the grassed areas. Too much volunteer time and effort has gone in to make Hampton one of the best baseball parks in all of Victoria


    1. Hi Alan. That is a great suggestion and I will share this with the BOD. Hampton’s president sent a strong worded communication to Saanich that it is Hamptons expectation that they will ensure the park is cleaned up and any damages repaired. In response we have been assured that Saanich is doing extra daily sweeps, they have put in a Porta potty and that they will do a park reset once the campers are gone.


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