Have Lunch on Us!

This Saturday (April 1) help clean up the park to get it ready and safe for all our players, and get lunch on Hampton!

Really it’s not an April Fools joke! It’s easy peasy! Put in some time helping with some of the tasks below, when you are done go and see Curt or any other Board Member, get a meal ticket, take your meal ticket to the concession and VOILA – you get lunch!

You can have your choice of Hot dog or Hamburger, fries or salad! (Please note lunch will be available from 11 to 1:30).

Kids are also welcome to come and help take care of their park!

Park clean-up will start at 10 AM and go until 3 PM

What can I do to help with the clean up?

  • LITTER PICK UP, there is lots of small bits all over park
  • Diamond 1 and 2: Edging, weeding and adding granite (once practice on Diamond 1 is done)
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Clubhouse dusting and sweeping
  • Painting bleachers
  • Cleaning out Dugouts (sweeping, clean out garbage, etc)
  • Pressure washing – minor field concrete and bleachers
  • Diamond 2 – score booth clean up
  • Diamond 3 – edging and granite to base cutouts.

The Concession will also be open for business, for anyone who is wanting to purchase snacks, drinks or food.

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