• 4 to 6 years

About This Level:

  • The T-ball division is the introductory level for most children to organized baseball and team play.
  • Tee-ball allows young children to learn the skills of batting, catching, running the bases, and throwing.
  •  Players bat off of a T.

Divisional Director:



  • Games: will be posted on our Hampton calendar and sent to you via your Coach
  • Practices: set by the Coaches

What they need:

  • batting helmet
  • glove
  • mouth guard is recommended

What to Expect:

  • Second year T-Ballers who are aged 6 may be assessed for the Mini-Minor Division.
  • T-Ball play is marked by a high degree of hands on instruction by managers, coaches and parent helpers.


  1. Game length is 4-6 innings or 90 minutes whichever comes first.
  2. No score is kept.
  3. Everyone hits off a tee each inning, rotating the line up each inning/game.
  4. The ball must touch the grass to be a fair ball.
  5. Runners advance 1 base only with the exception of last batter. Once the last batter hits, base runners continue running until they reach home plate.
  6. All players will play defensively in the field, rotating each inning, with a maximum 7 infielders and the rest outfielders.  Each player must play a minimum of 2 infield innings per game.
  7. Catchers must wear full gear for maximum protection. They may use their own gloves.
  8. The pitcher must remain on the pitching area or mound until the ball is hit.
  9. There is no: base stealing, bunting, running on overthrows, walks or strikeouts
  10. No dog piling, as someone may get hurt.
  11. After the May long weekend,  the 3 outs rule will be implemented.
  12. After the May long weekend, if some players are ready, they may be pitched to by the coach.