T-ball is an introductory level of baseball which focuses on learning basic FUNdamentals. Children are taught the basic skills of throwing, catching, fielding, batting, and running the bases. Players hit off a stationary tee and may move to coach pitching towards the end of the season as appropriate.

There is a great deal of hands-on instruction. During game play, coaches remain on the field to give instruction. And of course, we thee is lots of fun too!

Who can play?

  • “League Age” 4 – 6 year olds
  • Other ages may play up or down as appropriate
  • New and experienced players are welcome

What is included?

  • A hat and team t-shirt that players get to keep!
  • A team & individual photo
  • Use of playing equipment (bats, balls)

What is needed?

  • Your own baseball glove
  • A water bottle
  • Shoes the player can run in (running shoes, baseball cleats, soccer cleats, etc).
  • Helmets are NOT needed. We use foam bats at this level for player safety.
  • Please do NOT bring your own bat – keep this for playing at home.

Parent Expectations

  • Each player is required to have a parent or responsible adult at the park with them at all times.
  • T-ball is a parent participation division. Parents help is needed to coach, to organize players on the bench, to direct players on the bases where to go, etc. Each player is required to have a parent or responsible adult at the park with them at all times.
  • Player registration includes a concession volunteer fee which is refunded after one volunteer shift is completed in the concession.

Team Schedule


  • One game per week on Sunday mornings, played against other Hampton T-ball teams.


  • One practice per week on Friday evenings. All t-ball teams practice at the same time.

T-Ball Rules:

  1. A game is as many innings that can be played in the allotted time slot
  2. There is no record keeping of points, statistics or score sheets. Everyone wins!
  3. Coaches may be in the outfield coaching the defensive team. They may enlist parents to help
  4. No balls or strikes will be called and the game can be stopped at any time for instructional
  5. There is no “on deck” circle to warm up batters
  6. All players will bat in succession advancing 1 base only with the last batter running all the way
    around the bases.
  7. Everyone hits off a tee. The batter swings until they hit the ball. After the May long weekend, if some players are ready, they may be pitched to by the coach. The coach pitches 5 balls, if the child does not hit, the tee is used until they do hit.
  8. The batter must DROP the bat – do not throw it. If the batter throws the bat, they get one
    warning. A second infraction means that the batter is out.
  9. No extra bases are allowed on overthrown balls.
  10. The innings will change when all the children have batted, with the last batter running all the
    way around the bases.
  11. The following is NOT ALLOWED – bunting, lead offs, stealing, sliding, pinch hitting, dog piling or protesting.
  12. A runner cannot touch or pass the runner ahead of him/her or he/she will be out.
  13. If the umpire (parent) is unsure of the outcome of the play, then the decision goes in favour of
    the runner.
  14. All players play the field in every inning. Coaches are encouraged to rotate players fielding the
    ball during the game and throughout the season so that all the children get an equal opportunity
    to play in key positions.
  15. The ball should be thrown overhand, not rolled, when fielding the ball.
  16. All teams must have someone in charge of the dugout (i.e. coach or parent with CRC).