Rookie Minors Baseball


  • 7 to 9

About This Level:

  • The objective of the Rookie Minor Division Program is a transition between Mini Minors and Minors.
  • This is a pitching development division as well as teaching the players the game of baseball.
  • Players should learn how to skillfully play the defensive positions and to listen and follow the directions of their coaches.
  • All players are to be given the opportunity to try pitching if they choose.

Divisional Director:

Need a Volunteer


  • Games: will be posted on our Hampton calendar and sent to you via your Coach
  • Practices: set by the Coaches

What they need:

  • boys need a jock
  • batting helmet
  • glove
  • mouth guard is recommended

What to Expect:

  • 7 to 9 year olds can be assessed to play in this division depending on their skill level and development
  • Each team must have a scorekeeper or the game is forfeited
  • Parents are expected to help with field set up and take down


  1. Fair play is defined equal playing time for; infield, outfield and bench, except where safety is a concern.
  2. Games will be played with a continuous batting order.
  3. A missed game counts as a full game played for player statistics.