President’s Message

23916066_10154843954242035_6846473808905073029_nWelcome to the Hampton Little League community! My name is Michelle Peterson and I am the new President of our Board of Directors. Our two boys started at Hampton at age 5 in T Ball approximately 7 years ago and both my husband and I have been volunteering in different roles ever since. One of the things I truly love about Hampton is the strong sense of community that it has, and how it lives the values of Little League, it is not just a ballpark – it’s an amazing community. Whether your player is playing Baseball, Softball or Challengers, my goal is that they have fun, develop their skills, and feel a sense of belonging and pride. And now this might also sound a bit hokey but I really believe in and love the Mission statement of Little League, and it underlies everything I do here.

Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the Little League program assists children in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Little League Baseball and Softball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.

Over the past couple of years at Hampton we have made some great progress in the areas of player and coach development. One of my goals for 2019 is to continue this focus on building our player and coach development. Our volunteer coaches are the backbone of what we do at Hampton, and we are always looking for ways to support our coaches to be the best coaches they can be. I also believe that providing kids with a safe and fun environment supports them to develop skills, be challenged, make friends, have fun and develop confidence to help them achieve things that they may not have even thought were possible.

We could not do anything without our many, incredibly dedicated volunteers, many of whom have become good friends over the years. Did you know that our Player Agent Barb has been volunteering at Hampton for about 30 years? I can’t even begin to count the number of hours that Curt puts in to working on our grounds and facilities or that Alison puts in at our Concession. To see all the people who volunteer on our board, check out our Board of Directors page. I am so blessed and grateful to work with so many amazing volunteers at Hampton – I would not be able to do this role without all of them.

And I just really love ball – because really what’s not to love? Sitting in the stands, watching the game, eating a burger and enjoying watching the kids. Last year during a game, I saw a young player, who I have known for a few years now, really hit the ball for the first time, and I mean REALLY hit the ball. And the look of utter joy (and surprise LOL) on his face was something I will never forget….it really doesn’t get better than that.

If I haven’t met you yet, make sure to come up and say hi. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the park!