Minor Softball


  • 8 – 10

About This Level:

  • Minor League Softball is a big transition from Mini Minors for most young players. It will be their first experience with peer to peer pitching, striking out more often, sitting on the bench while others play, and learning to play with players of different ages and skill levels.
  • Minor League is a final transition to full-fledged Softball for most young players

Director of Softball:

Luc Fournier


  • Games: will be posted on our Hampton calendar and sent to you via your Coach
  • Practices: set by the Coaches

What they need:

  • batting helmet
  • glove
  • cleats (no metal please)
  • Jill’s are recommended
  • mouth guard is recommended

What to Expect:

  • Each team must have a scorekeeper or the game is forfeited
  • Parents are expected to help with field set up and take down


  1. Fair play is defined equal playing time for; infield, outfield and bench, except where safety is a concern.
  2. Games will be played with a continuous batting order.
  3. A missed game counts as a full game played for player statistics.