Mini Minors



  • 5, 6 or 7

About This Level:

  • At this stage of ball, there is still a great deal of hands on instruction during games.
  • During defensive play, managers and coaches may remain on the field to give instruction and during offensive play, an adult will underhand pitch to the batter.
  • Players transition from coaches pitching to player pitching after the May long weekend

Divisional Director:

Carrie Dye


  • Games: will be posted on our Hampton calendar and sent to you via your Coach
  • Practices: set by the Coaches

What they need:

  • boys need a jock
  • batting helmet
  • glove
  • mouth guard is recommended

What to Expect:

  • Five year olds who have played 1 year T-ball may be assessed for Mini-minors and 6 years olds may be assessed to play Rookie Minor Division.
  • Players will begin to pitch in this division


  1. A game is 6 innings with a min. of 4 complete innings.
  2. Each team supplys a scorekeeper.
  3. Regular rules of LL Baseball will apply with park rules.
  4. There is a 5 run limit or 3 outs per inning with the following exceptions: In the last inning the visiting team may score enough runs to go ahead by 5 before 3 outs. The home team may then try to score enough runs to go ahead before 3 outs are made.
  5. Bat through the line up.
  6. Coach or machine shall pitch from the pitching rubber (28 feet). The coach may give verbal instructions from the mound.
  7. There will be 3 swing strikes per batter. There are no walks.
  8. As of May 1st, the 3 umpired called strikes will be in effect.
  9. No base stealing, no lead offs, no bunting.
  10. If a batted ball hits the pitching coach or pitching machine, the play shall be ruled dead with no penalty or change in the pitching count. If it hits a defensive coach in the outfield, one base should be awarded.
  11. All players will play a defensive position.
  12. All players should play at least 3 innings in the infield during a game.
  13. At the end of 3 innings, the pitcher and 1st baseman must switch positions with any two outfielders. The catcher must switch with any player but 1st base or pitcher.
  14. Once a ball is released from the outfield, runners may only advance to the base they were running too or return to the bag they had reached.
  15. Up to two coaches may be in the outfield coaching the defensive team.
  16. A safety baseball shall be used.
  17. Players that play in the outfield must be 10ft. out past the infield and there should only be 7 players, including the pitcher and the catcher in the infield.
  18. All teams must have someone in charge of the dugout (i.e. coach or parent with CRC).
  19. Players should be in the dugout when waiting to bat. There are no on deck batters.
  20. The time limit is 2 hours with no inning starting after 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  21. Bat boys or bat girls must be from their own team