Major Softball


  • 10 – 12

About This Level:

  • A number of our players who have never played before join the program at this age and have been successful.
  • The players pick up new skills continue to build on the basics.
  • This age division is eligible to play tournament softball with the ultimate goal of advancing to the Softball World Series.

Director of Softball:

Luc Fournier


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What to Expect:

  • Each team must have a scorekeeper or the game is forfeited
  • Parents are expected to help with field set up and take down

Want To Know More?

why we play



Click on the video to watch “Why We Play: Little League Softball World Series Teams Share Their Stories” to see what inspires some of these young women to play.


sights and sounds


Sights &  Sounds From The Little League Softball World Series

Check out this video and see some of our Hampton Major Softball girls in action in the 2016 World Series!



msb 2 2016
Hampton Major Softball, World Series 2016


  1. Fair play is defined equal playing time for; infield, outfield and bench, except where safety is a concern.
  2. Games will be played with a continuous batting order.
  3. A missed game counts as a full game played for player statistics.