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Read our COVID Safe Operating Plan that follows all requirements from VIA Sport, Baseball BC, Softball BC and Challengers.

Read our COVID Concession Safe Operating plan that follows all requirements of the Public Health Officer, Work Safe BC and Island Health

COVID SAFETY AT HAMPTON – Updated April 16, 2021

The following COVID safety policies have been enacted at Hampton Little League to support the COVID safe participation by all players and coaches:

  • Players and coaches must arrive and leave the fields wearing face masks.
  • Players and coaches must sanitize at arrival, between drills, and when existing the park.
  • Players & coaches are encouraged to wear masks throughout practices. Masks must be worn anytime social distancing is not maintained.
  • Each team must have a designated Safety Monitor on site for every practice. The Safety Monitor is responsible for monitoring sanitizing and social distancing throughout the practice and to direct players and coaches as required to maintain COVID safety.
  • Players will be provided with reminders in the event social distancing/mask wearing requirements are missed. Should recurring infractions occur, the following options are available for the Safety Monitor, Coaches and Board Members to maintain a safe playing environment for everyone and avoid jeopardizing the program.
  • The player may be asked to wait on the sideline for a few minutes and re-enter play when he/she is in a good mindset to follow covid safety requirements, making it safe for him/her to participate again.
  • The player may be asked to wear a mask throughout practice. This reduces risks to others when social distancing is not maintained.
  • The player’s parent may be asked to participate in all practices and assume responsibility for monitoring and helping their child maintain social distancing.
  • As a last resort, the player may be asked to no longer participate this season.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Hampton’s COVID Safety Committee via the mailbox.