Committees are teams that work together to get some work done. We can always use more team members! If you are interested in volunteering for any of these committees let us know! email

Committee Chair Members
Finance Melissa Kirk Cheryl Sanders, Barb Buchan, and Michelle Peterson
Grounds & Facilities Curt Waldner
Manager/Coach Selection Jason Nisula Alan Ford, Charles Gelling, Barb Buchan, and Mike Peterson
Assessment/Player Placement   Charles Gelling, Alan Ford, Barb Buchan, Divisional Directors
Pitch, Hit & Run Curt Waldner
Minor Tournament (May) Curt Waldner
Minor Tournament (June)  
Opening Ceremonies  
Closing Ceremonies  
Registration Ashley Ohtsijah Hall Barb Buchan, Melissa Kirk, Cheryl Sanders
Concession Alison Ranger Cherie Wilson, Charles Gelling, and Melissa Kirk
Equipment Jason Nisula