Do you have room for a Harbour Cat?

The Harbour Cats are a strong supporter of youth baseball programs in Victoria, and are looking for host families!


Hello Ball Families in Victoria.

After 2 long summers with no baseball the Victoria HarbourCats are back starting May 31st against the Port Angeles Lefties! 

Host families are an integral part of any summer-collegiate baseball team, and are the lifeblood the team’s success,  providing a safe and pleasant home environment for player(s) for the duration of the season.

The HarbourCats roster is comprised of college athletes from across North America, who will all call Victoria home for two and a half months in the summer (although the players will be on the road for half the season). All players are highly talented collegiate baseball players, currently playing and enrolled in school at prestigious universities and colleges across the United States and Canada. They all share common goals and dreams for their baseball careers, while remaining committed to their academic success.  Accordingly, all HarbourCats are fine, respectful young players who are a pleasure to have in your home and are often regarded as another member of the family before long.

Your primary role as a host family is to provide a safe and pleasant home environment for your player(s) for the duration of the season.  Players will require comfortable sleeping quarters and access to bathroom (with bedding & towels) as well as laundry equipment. Families should be prepared to provide food for 2 meals per day, however players may not be home for 2 meals per day. Some players may need transport to and from the stadium on game days, or to head out on road trips.

Host family compensation includes a modest monthly stipend to help cover some food costs, as well as free season tickets for all members of the family.  Perhaps the largest compensation, however, is that by becoming a HarbourCats host family, you have the opportunity to play a very important role in the life of a student athlete and aspiring professional baseball player. In turn, your player will be a positive influence, and will likely form a lifelong friendship with your family.

If you are interested in hosting, please fill out our online questionnaire so our host family coordinators can learn more about your family. Our Coordinators will reach out within a couple of weeks with more information and to set up a home visit.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to a great summer of baseball!

Host Family Coordinators

Cindy Kent & Natalie Gladstone

Victoria HarbourCats Baseball Club


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