Welcome to the 2022 Season!

We are so excited for the season to get started, the sound of the bat, the smell of the concession, the sounds of kids playing ball…..oh how we have missed all of you

Read on for important information you will want to know about the season!


First practice for all teams will be the week of April 4th. Players will be notified of their team about 1 week in advance of the first practice. 

  • Challengers starts Saturday April 9
  • Blastball starts Saturday  April 9
  • T-ball starts Friday April 8. Will also play Sunday April 10.
  • Mini Minors starts Thursday April 7. Will also play Sat April 9.
  • Rookie Minors, Minor Baseball and Major Baseball TBD (likely April 5, 7 or 8)
  • Minor Softball starts Tuesday April 5. Will also play Sat April 9.
  • Major Softball starts Monday April 4. Will also play Wed April 6.
  • Junior Softball starts Monday April 4
  1. Saturday April 2 – Umpire training for 10yrs+. 9-3:30 pm at Layrtiz. Register here
  2. Sunday April 10 Opening Ceremonies 11:30am-12:15pm
  3. Easter – yes, all programs will be running over Easter Weekend
  4. May 14 & 15 – Player and team photo days 
  5. May Long weekend – Cancelled for all divisions except Minor & Major Baseball which will have tournaments
  6. June 19 Closing Ceremonies 3:30-4:30pm


  1. Late June (date TBD) Minor Softball All-Stars District Tournament
  2. July 2-10 Minor Baseball All-Stars District Tournament
  3. July 8-17 Major Baseball All-Stars District Tournament
  4. July 26-28 Junior Softball All-Stars Canadian Championship Tournament
  5. July 29-31 Major Softball All-Stars Canadian Championship Tournament

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Player Equipment

  • HELMET – Players in Mini Minor division & up will need their own helmet
  • GLOVE – gloves are optional for blastball players but everyone else should come with their own glove. Wondering what size glove to get, have a look at this guide:
  • BATS – Hampton offers team bats for all divisions. 
  • CLEATS – Cleats are encouraged for players aged 7 & up. There are cleats specially designed for baseball, however, any cleats will do. Soccer cleats work fine too (but no metal cleats please – they can hurt!)
  • JERSEY – Hampton provides team shirts for all players
  • HAT – Hampton provides ball hats or visors for all players 
  • PANTS – Players age 7 & up are encouraged to have ball pants. All Hampton baseball divisions wear gray pants. All Hampton softball divisions use black pants. Hampton has some used pants in various sizes available for purchase by donation. We are pleased to accept donations of used pants after they have been outgrown.
  • EQUIPMENT ASSISTANCE – we want to remove any barriers to participation. Please let us know if you are unable to provide your own equipment and we will work with you on a solution.

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Team Stuff

When will I know what team I am on? When will I know who my coach is?  

Teams will be made up about 1 week before the season starts. You’ll be added to a TeamSnap group and will be notified by email. Through TeamSnap, you’ll be able to see who is on your team, who your coach is, your schedule, and be able to contact each other.

Team Parents—What are they and what do they do?

Did you know that Little League is entirely run by volunteers? Yup – there are no employees, just dedicated peeps volunteering their hearts and their time.

There are so many different volunteer roles that are needed to get players on the field playing ball and running a ball park! The volunteers who do the most work with the players are the Managers, Coaches and Team Parents. Each team needs to have all of these roles in order to play. 

The Team Parent is like the air traffic controller for the team – keeping everyone organized, making sure parents and players have all the info they need (when is our next game? what time do we need to be there? Who is the scorekeeper this game? you get the idea…) Sometimes it can feel like herding cats, we know! Every team is required to have a team parent in order to play. 

Our Team Parent Coordinator/Info Director will make sure you get all the information you need and are there to help. If you think you can help or are interested let us know and we can send you our Team Parent info package (it’s not really that big but it sounds better to call it a package) to help get you started. 

Where can I park?

Parking is available off Hampton Rd by the Gorge Soccer Club.
Drop off only in front of the clubhouse unless you are a coach with equipment or a working Board member. 

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the 2022 Season!”

  1. hello there, my little ones are registered to play tball this season and i would love to volunteer to be a team parent, i clicked on the link to “let us know’, which led to a page that doesnt complete.. i would like to acquire the info package. thank you Christina Dore.


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