softball winter clinics begin in January

Hello softball players! Hampton is pleased to offer winter clinics for all softball players in the district. Players between 8 and 12 are welcome, regardless of experience.

Clinics are scheduled for Sundays January 12, February 2 and 16, and March 15. Minors clinics (players ages 8-10) run from 4:00 to 5:00. Majors clinics (players ages 10-12) run from 5:00 to 6:00. All clinics are at the Pearkes fieldhouse.

How will the clinics be structured? Each clinic will focus on fundamental skills, physical literacy, and fun. Players will warm up together then be organized into groups according to their experience and maturity and will cycle through stations. Players will have time each clinic to develop throwing, catching, fielding, and batting skills.

Is there a cost? There is a fee of $5 per session to help cover gym rental costs. Financial assistance is available as needed. No need to register in advance but please arrive 10 minutes early to sign in and pay.

My daughter is only 7. Can she participate? Girls who are 7 on January 1 but turn 8 during 2020 meet the age requirements. 

Who will coach the clinics? Coaches will vary by station and by clinic according to coach availability. All coaches are experienced and familiar in the Victoria softball community. As we work to provide leadership opportunities to our older players and connect softball players with positive female role models, teenage mentors may also assist with coaching activities from time to time.

Who can I contact with questions? Please contact Carrie Dye at

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