Results Pitch, Hit & Run 2019

PHR-LogoOnce again, thanks again to our wonderful Curt Waldner and our Hampton community volunteers we hosted the Pitch Hit & Run Competition! The event took place on Monday, May 6th from 5 to 7 PM.

Pitch Hit & Run is a fun event for boys and girls aged 7 to 14. It is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball. Each participant begins by competing in their local park and have an opportunity to advance to  Sections, Team Championships and the National Finals which is held at the MLB All-Star Game! Each Local All Around Champion from each division age group is eligible to advance to the Sectional Competition which takes place in Mid May/Early June. In Victoria, the event takes place on June 1st, at Central Saanich Little League

The top scores for 2019 are:

Age 7/8
Jaxson Militello 150 200 286 636
Markus Long 150
Age 9/10
Carson Connor 225 244 725
Griffin Perry 225
Atticus Weaver 225
Arlo Reddy 318
Age 11/12
Reese Hammond 375 971
Connor Carrol 282 339


Age 7/8
Gracie Kerr Beauchamp 75 50 150 275
Olivia McNight 50
Age 9/10
Nola Beachamp 50 50 283 383
Age 11/12
Carissa Dye 246 335 806
Taylor Wiles 300

Congratulations to our Hampton players and all the players who came out on a beautiful sunny Monday in May. 🙂

The Pitch
This portion of the competition is to show how accurately you can throw strikes. You getpitch six attempts to throw at a target from a designated distance (Baseball is a 35 foot distance, Softball is a 45 foot distance). Each successful hit on the target is worth 75 points!

The Hit
hitIn this portion you get to show how awesome you can hit the ball! Hits are measured for distance and accuracy. Each competitor is allowed 3 attempts at hitting a ball from a stationary tee. The best hit of all 3 attempts will count towards your score.

The Run
This portion is all about showing how fast and accurate you can run. All participants runrun a total of 120 feet. You sprint from a start line at 2nd base, touch third base and touch home plate (don’t forget to touch home plate!!!!!). The timer starts from the moment you leave 2nd base and stops as soon as you touch home plate. No sliding

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