Say CHEESE!!!!!! (picture day!)

taking_pictures_PA_150_clr_2350Picture day is coming! (well actually picture dayS!) All picture days and times and teams have been posted on the Hampton Park Calendar.

Please make sure your player is dressed in their uniform!


May 10: 6-8 PM (during practice)

  • Softball, Intermediate, Mini Minor & Rookie Minor

May 11: 6-8 PM

  • Minors, Majors & Tball

May 12: 10-11:30 AM

  • Challengers & Blastball



2 thoughts on “Say CHEESE!!!!!! (picture day!)”

  1. I have a 9 1/2 year old grandson who is keen to try baseball
    Some advice please on who to contact
    Joe Ferraro


    1. Hi there. It really depends on what catchment you live in. I would suggest if you are interested in Little League to check the Little League District 7 website and determine which catchment you are in and contact that park.


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