Dugout Decorum (aka Rules)

no foodLittle League has some rules about what happens when players are in the dugout during a game. One is there is NO FOOD OR DRINK  allowed in the dugouts. This is not a Hampton Park Rule – this is a Little League Rule. Now of course that does not apply to water (kids need water especially when they are playing!) and some Managers may allow sports drinks (but that is up to your team manager).

Another rule is that there is to be no contact with players, except from managers/coaches and umpires once the game starts. This means that all water must be given to the players before the game. Players are not allowed out of the dug out once the game starts without the permission of the umpire (for bathroom break), and they must go directly to the bathroom and return (not speaking to parents or fans along the way).

Please help us, help our players to stick to the rules!


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