What is all the fuss about Volunteering?

We know, we know…we are always asking for volunteers…that’s because we are all volunteers! Everything at Hampton pretty much is run by volunteers – from coaching, team parents, board of directors, grounds work, running the concession, selling 50/50 tickets, cleaning up garbage, fundraising, raking fields, setting up fields, you name it, it’s probably been done by a volunteer! So here some things to know about volunteering and why we need all of you!

Selling 50/50 tickets

If your team is playing a game on Diamond 1, you are responsible for selling the 50/50 tickets. Why do we do this? Because the money from the 50/50 pays for the youth umpires that are umping for the game your team is playing!

Set up and take down of the fields

Lining the fields, putting bases out, putting bases away, raking fields – all are jobs that need to be done before and after a game. Why do we expect parents to help with this? Because the coaches need to focus on the kids, getting them warmed up to play, making decisions about line ups, and after the game they need to talk to the players, give them feedback, etc – they don’t have the capacity to do all of that and then do the set up and take down. So grab a rake and help out those coaches while they focus on the kids!

Score keeping

Scorekeepers start being required at Mini Minor levels and a game actually is not supposed to be played unless there is a scorekeeper for each game! But why is it so important?? Well actually several reasons and they might surprise you! It’s not really so much about the score at the end, it’s about how many pitches were thrown (Little League has some strict rules about how many pitches a player can throw so they do not damage their arm), what positions each player played (to make sure everyone gets to play) and for the coaches it provides some great information about what happened in the game, and informs what skills they may need to develop with the players – there is a LOT of information that comes from the scorekeeper. These sheets get reviewed by some of the directors to ensure that there is fair play, that players are being safe, etc. So it’s a really important job! (and it’s the best seat in the house during a game!!!)

Really we couldn’t have such a great park, a great program or such a great community without all our volunteers! So when we are asking you to volunteer, it’s not because we want to be a nag (trust us, we HATE nagging!), it’s because your contributions help us all and most importantly – the kids.

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