Team Auction Baskets – Due May 25th

Hello Hampton parents,

Every year at Hampton Little League each team creates a themed basket to be raffled off at our Silent Auction/Burger & Beer Fundraiser that will be happening this year on Saturday, May 26th, 2018 at the Gorge Point Pub. Burger & Beer tickets are available to purchase at our concession for $20 each (get yours quick as there are only 60 tickets available and going fast!)


Every team within the baseball park is responsible to partake in this fundraiser. This fundraiser helps keep registration costs down for families. We will be voting on the most creative team basket in the park, whatever team wins most creative basket, their team will receive a free hot dog/drink lunch for each player on the team. The baskets will be available to vote on the Facebook Hampton page after the Saturday, May 26, 2018.

Please see some examples of themed baskets below for ideas (you can choose a different theme if you wish that is not listed below):

  • Candy Basket
  • Coffee/Tea Basket
  • Date Night Basket
  • Pub Crawl Basket
  • BBQ Basket
  • Popcorn/Movie Basket
  • Pet Basket
  • Spa Basket
  • Fishing Basket
  • Man Cave Basket
  • Golf Basket
  • Wine & Cheese Basket
  • Lottery Basket
  • Booze Basket
  • Baseball Fan Basket
  • Games Night Basket
  • Baking Basket
  • Fitness Basket
  • Pasta or Pizza Basket
  • Glamping or Camping Basket

For those who are new to Hampton Little League this year, I would kindly suggest that each team volunteers 2 parents who are willing to create a themed basket for their team so this task is not placed just on 1 parent of a team. Teams can collect between $10 – $20 from each parent of the team or parents can submit donation letters out to businesses for donated items, please see an example of a Donation Letter. Please feel free to change the letter that best suites your team. I have also included an Silent Auction Basket template to include when you submit your basket on Friday, May 25th, 2018, kindly list items in your basket and please place your team name and how much your team basket is worth.

Baskets should be in the range of $100 (ballpark figure), I will be placing minimum bids on more expensive raffle baskets.

Instruction for divisions:

Blastball Division – will do up (1) basket, perhaps a couple of parents could help with this who are in Blastball. Usually Ashley (Blastball Director) has a donation baseball container to collect $5 from our Blastball families.

Challenger Division – will do up (1) basket. Please let me know if you require any help.

T-Ball Division – because you are new to the park (I have been there twice). I am placing you to work with 2 teams. Please see below the matched up teams below:

  • Red T-Ball Team w/ Green T-Ball Team
  • Orange T-Ball Team w/ Yellow
  • Royal Blue w/ Grey
  • Purple w/ Brown

Kindly coordinate with team parents or managers, please email me if you have any questions regarding team raffle baskets for T-ball.

Mini Minors/Rookies/Minors Baseball & Softball/Majors & Intermediate teams you are responsible for creating and submitting your own baskets. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

Melissa Kirk, Treasurer

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