Desperately Seeking Coaches…

desperatelySeriously dating myself with that movie reference…..

But indeed we are in desperate need of coaches for the following teams

Minor Softball – we have a team of great girls ready to play but only one volunteer for coaching. We need a manager and some more coaches!

Rookie Minors and Mini Minors – we have a whole lot of players and very few coaches. We can’t make up the teams until we have coaches for all these teams.

Rookies have enough for 3 teams = need 3 managers and coaches

Mini Minors we have enough for 4 teams = need 4 managers and coaches

We get it – it can be a bit daunting to think about managing and coaching a team (we’ve been there!) but we will be providing resources and supports so you are not left on your own trying to figure out what to do. So give it some thought….

If you are unsure, maybe sitting on the fence, and want to ask questions or talk it over, contact

Think you might be willing to help out? Awesome! We need you to complete the following forms and Criminal Record check (which you can do online – easy peasy!)

Bring your forms to the clubhouse and our Head Coach will be in touch with you!

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