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waiting for ballAssigning Teams
Baseball Assessments are done and WOW what a great turnout! So great to see all the players out! If you were not able to get there, and did not attend the winter clinics, and your player is between the ages of 6 to 12 – please contact our

So what next? The coaches take all the assessment info, and all the info they have for the players who have been attending winter clinics and compile it all to get a good comprehensive picture of all the players – their skill level and maturity. For the Mini Minors and Rookies this information helps us to place

Minors & Majors
Draft this coming weekend – coaches will come together and using the assessment info, draft their teams!

We get alot of emails about the schedule (which we TOTALLY understand! We like to plan ahead too!). In order to set the schedule, we need to know how many teams we have, and to know what teams we have, we need to have the players registered…you can see how this goes……hence the reminders to get registered LOL. We are still getting lots of emails about registering, which is impacting our ability to set the teams….keep checking back to our park calendar as that is where schedules will be posted (and you will get one from your Team Parent/Manager)


In 2018 Hampton Little League established the the Frank Findlay Scholarship awards program. For the 2018 year, Hampton will be awarding two scholarships, of $250 towards tuition, to eligible youth who are enrolled in a softball or baseball high school program or a post secondary softball/baseball program.

For more information and to apply, read more here…


  • March 25 – LAST registration session (really we mean it this time!!!) Noon to 4 @ clubhouse
  • March 27: 6-9 PM Concession Cleaning (come out and help get the concession ready to open)
  • March 28th: 6-9 PM PANTS SALE!!! We will have used pants for sale $10 or less, brand new pants at wholesale prices
  • March 31: 10-2PM Park Clean up day – come out and help us clean up, pull weeds, power wash, etc (we will have pizza and treats for all the helpers). Questions? contact Curt @
  • April 7 – Park opens
  • April 12: Mini Minors first divisional practice
  • April 13: Tball first divisional practice
  • April 14: Blast ball starts!
  • April 14: Challengers starts!
  • April 15: Opening Ceremonies


  • April 3rd: Minors 6 PM
  • April 4th: Majors and Intermediates 6 PM
  • April 5th: Rookies 6 PM
  • April 8th: Blastball 1PM, Tball 2PM, Mini Minors 3PM

Stay up to date with our Park Calendar!

Team parents, coaches, managers, help with concession clean up, help with park clean up, fund raising, all kinds of opportunities to help make this season a success….

If you have a bit of time (or a lot!) and are interested in helping out let us know, email

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