Little League is Expanding for 13 to 16 Year Old’s!!!

red_wow_400_clr_3842Once again your Little League is growing. We will be offering baseball programs for 13-16 yr olds in the 2018 season. These teams will base out of Central Saanich and play both on and off the island. Teams from the Vancouver area are eager to play us. We are also intending to host a tournament this year.

Practices should be twice a week with 1-2 games per week. We are solidifying our coaching now. Come play some great baseball and feel the difference at Little League. Our teams play for fun with equal playing time for everyone. We make a tournament team to compete at the provincials in the summer with a chance to go to Canadians and the World Series!!

Click here for the flyer.

2 thoughts on “Little League is Expanding for 13 to 16 Year Old’s!!!”

  1. Your teams will base out of Hampton and CS 🙂
    Int – HAM, BH and hopefully CS
    Junior – CS and a Victoria team (hoping Hampton takes lead on this one). We have 5 kids from BH already.
    Senior – CS
    Thanks for promoting this!!!


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