Come out to Hampton’s Annual General Meeting Sept 28th

dateWho should come?

    • Any parent or guardian of a child/youth who plays Blastball, Challengers, Baseball or Softball at Hampton!
    • Any person sincerely interested in active participation to make Hampton the best park possible!

Why should I come?

Good question! Most people do not love going to meetings, they can be boring, and it’s time out of your day that you could be doing something else. If you come…

  • You get to help develop a plan for Hampton’s Field of Dreams! We will be gathering ideas from everyone to develop a 4 year plan to make Hampton the best park in greater Victoria. (What can we do to improve the fields? Lights? Bring your wish list! What can we do to support our coaches? What can we do to develop our players?)
  • Hear about Hampton’s finances (how much money Hampton has, how it was spent, plans for spending next year)
  • You will get to hear how the 2017 season went
  • You get to vote on decisions that need to be made like who will be on the new Board of Directors, new plans and projects for next year!
  • There will be coffee, tea and treats!
  • There will be a draw for one FREE 2018 REGISTRATION!

PS we are working on a plan to have child care on site but it is not confirmed yet. For updates make sure to check out Park Calendar

CaptureHampton is inviting nominations for Board of Director positions as well as Committee Members.

What do they do?

Board of Directors are the people who lead, make and carry out decisions on behalf of Hampton Little League.

Committees are the people who make things happen and make recommendations to the Board on what should be done. They can be focused on one project or activity and have less time committment over the season (eg. Opening Ceremonies) or they can be more long term (eg. Finance Committee).

We also have other volunteer positions that could be a great benefit to the park (eg. Team Parent Coordinator).

If you are interested in volunteering or want more information, please contact Hampton’s president, Hollis Hodson.

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